Our Services

  • Our overall aim is to help our beneficiaries prosper by advancing peace, justice and freedom within a framework of human dignity and sustainability and thereby reduce poverty. We provide professional services in-situ in-country, in regional economic communities, and in global fora.

Community Engagement – Empowerment – Policy Formulation, Negotiation & Implementation

Stakeholder Engagement & Local Community Consultation

  • Our stakeholder engagement work spans from strengthening local communities to advising Heads of State on policy formulation, negotiating modalities, and implementation of international agreements. We are accustomed to working with and bringing various stakeholders, such as, youth and women; the informal sector; rural and urban city dwellers; public and private interests; and local, national and regional communities, on board. At times, this work may lead to setting up or strengthening civil society groups; facilitating technical working groups and independent cross-parliamentary commissions; or delivering advocacy programmes to advance prosperity.

Capacity Building

  • We also deliver capacity building to raise awareness about the opportunities provided by international trade, environmental and disaster response instruments; support WTO Accession; and provide economic, legal and social assistance for existing WTO countries (and local communities) to understand the benefit of, and attain consistency with, WTO and Environmental legal agreements. In terms of food security, for instance, eating food fit for consumption is one such example where trade instruments are pivotal; acquiring access to a good education, essential pharmaceuticals and transport routes that facilitate the carriage of drinking water, are others.

Policy Formulation, Negotiation & Implementation.

  • We provide advisory support on policy formulation, negotiators and professional economists & jurists to assist with implementation.
  • Our associates have:
    • Acted as Foreign Affairs & Trade representatives.
    • Provided support as members of climate change delegations.
    • Conducted Investment Analysis, negotiated Investment Protocols & engaged in Arbitration.