Our Values

1. Loyalty to our Clients

We value loyalty and adhere to a strict professional code of conduct.

2. National & Personal Security

National security is often seen as the protection of state borders. But in today's climate, it is much more about the protection of people who live within those borders, the rule of law and human security. We believe that everyone everywhere should be free from violence and fear.

3. Equal citizenship & equal opportunity

We believe in diversity and the richness of human dignity.

4. Individual Freedom & Choice

We respect difference and value indigenous cultures.

5. Personal Responsibility

We value our independence, professionalism and excellence in everything we do.

6. Competitive Enterprise & Reward for Achievement

We believe that job creation is essential for promoting human dignity. Work exercises people’s creativity, their intellect and energy. It helps people provide for their families and provides an avenue for an inclusive society.

7. Limited Government

We believe that government should be of laws rather than of men, and that checks and balances are required in parliamentary governance.

8. Strong Families & Caring Communities

We believe that strong families and caring communities are a treasure for all in society and that we must help them to prosper.

9. Sustainable Development of our Environment

We believe in leaving a legacy for future generations.