Private Sector Cooperation & ICT Projects




Legal, Regulatory and Commercial Negotiations in Corporate Social Responsibility Advisory


British and French ICT operators

2007 - present

Advised a number of ICT operators on legal, regulatory and commercial negotiations.  Examples include providing comprehensive advice on issues such as Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) laws and corporate social responsibility in South Africa.  Conveyed the requirements needed to meet BEE Codes of Conduct to EU businesses.  This advice involved helping European companies to develop appropriate Scorecards for Social Responsibility. 


Interim executive positions in ICT


Private Sector

1996 - present

Executed projects to drive profits, reduce costs, & increase efficiencies.  Managed corporate legal teams & international negotiations.  Commissions: Unisys, MNO’s, Telcos, e.g., BT, Orange, Hutchison Whampoa China …


Information and Technology Consultant’s Panel

New Zealand

Ministry of Economic Development, New Zealand


Industry Expert, Ministry of Economic Development, New Zealand, Information and Technology Consultant’s Panel, in association with David Butcher and Associates.  Competencies: Radio Spectrum Policy and Planning, ICT Regulatory, Digital Development and Broadband Investment. 


Associate Multilateral Trade Law

ACP Group of States

Bizclim I



06/2006 – 12/2009

Bizclim”. Deliverables: improved legislation, addressed institutional set up and financial concerns, reformed SOEs and supported ACP governments & regional institutions.  Delivered instructional training.  Conducted Regulatory Impact Assessments (RIA) and advised on Regulatory Reform.  The Facility was a € 20 million joint initiative of the European Commission and the ACP Group operating under the EDF.  


Associate Multilateral Trade Law


Bizclim I



08 – 10/2009

Delivered instructional training modules on the investment climate in SADC for “SADC Investment Forum”.  Drafted reports & outcomes.  Drafted papers for the next Head of Ambassador’s Committee on investment in SADC.  Support to event management and integration of tourism endeavours.


Associate Multilateral Trade Law


Bizclim I



06/ 2009

Project: Strengthening PPP dialogue to update Uganda’s national Intellectual Property policy, legal and regulatory framework.  Evaluated & edited Final study + 8 supporting studies relating to IPR: Public Health, Traditional Knowledge, Food Security, Enforcement, Innovation, Education, Culture, Collective Copyright.


Associate Multilateral Trade Law


Bizclim I



06/ 2009

Comparative review of investment in SADC and ECOWAS for ECOWAS Investment Conference, 4-5 June 2009.  (7 day assignment: drafted and presented report.  Managed communication with participants on behalf of Bizclim).  Relationship management with senior ministers and Ambassadors.


Associate Multilateral Trade Law


Bizclim I




Project: Publication of “The COMESA Investor Practical Guide”.  Facilitated RIA (COMESA’s Regional Investment Agency) with the support of BizClim to compile an Investor’s Practical Guide to Trade and Investment and pocket size version of key marketing messages.  The project was part of a wider programme, including the launch of the first COMESA Investor Conference, 18-19 November 2008 in Brussels, and the establishment of a database on COMESA’s business climate.  Additional Deliverables: Edited and prepared the COMESA Investor Guide for publication.


Associate Multilateral Trade Law

CARIFORUM-EC Business Forum

Bizclim I



03 – 09/2008

CARIFORUM-EC Business Forum. Established & monitored project activities and finances to ensure potential for new developments in trade and investment as provided for in the CARIFORUM-EC Economic Partnership Agreement are unlocked. Facilitated establishment of the CARIFORUM-EC Business Forum, business tours to Europe and private sector studies to facilitate trade. 


Associate Multilateral Trade Law


Bizclim I



02 – 09/2008

Support for the Regional Small, Medium & Micro-Enterprises Forum. Drafted Proposal and Terms of Reference with Pacific Islands Private Sector Organisation (PIPSO).  Managed the procurement process and monitored deliverables (upstream studies and interventions on the enabling environment, capacity building and support of PIPSO to improve the region’s trade and investment regime).


Associate Multilateral Trade Law

Ghanaian Anti-counterfeiting


Bizclim I




National Crusade Against Counterfeiting.  Set up and established programme (prepared proposal, Terms of Reference and advised on consultant recruitment).  Programme management and monitoring.  Evaluation report.  See article in Bizclim ezine no 16, May 2008:  http://bcacit.com/home/docs/E-Zine16-EN.pdf


Associate Multilateral Trade Law

EU-Africa Business Forum

Bizclim I




EU-Africa Business Forum.  Drafted Publications & Communications on behalf of the EC & African Union Commissioners for the Lisbon Summit.  Drafted modalities for conducting the forum and introducing EU businesses to African markets.


Associate Multilateral Trade Law

EU-Africa Business Forum

Bizclim I




Proposed and drafted the initial framework for the first EU-Africa Business Forum (held in Brussels on 16-17 November 2006).  The first framework evolved around 3 core issues of relevance for the European and African private sector: Good Governance /Corporate Ethics, Economic Partnership Agreements, and Interconnectivity (Communication & Infrastructure). 

Drafted a Concept Note for the EC and African Union.

Drafted three comprehensive technical background papers: i) Good Governance / Corporate Ethics; ii) Economic Partnership Agreements; iii) Interconnectivity; and

Drafted three Discussion Papers: i) Good Governance / Corporate Ethics; ii) Economic Partnership Agreements; iii) Interconnectivity.  Each Discussion Paper aimed to establish a foundation for private sector dialogue at the forum by assimilating preliminary inputs from various contributors to the EU-Africa Business Forum and bringing them together as a whole.

Worked with the Bizclim team to propose an institutional structure. 

Canvassed over 50 private sector organisations in Africa and Europe with the view to promoting the programme and engaging private sector executives to take the programme forward.

Assisted in the recruitment of private sector executives with the final membership comprising BHP Billiton, Businesseurope, CPCCAF, EBCAM, Eurochambres, European International Contractors, Microsoft, Private Investors for Africa, SAB Miller, SES, Unilever, Africa Business Roundtable and Pan-african Employers Confederation.

For further information see: http://www.europe-cares.org/africa/business_forum_en.html and http://www.acpbusinessclimate.org.

The forum now has its own web site: http://www.euafrica-businessforum.org/


Business Development Advisor, (Fixed, Mobile Convergence)

United Kingdom

BT (British Telecom – a private sector global ICT operator)

10 October 2005 – November 2005 and January - May 2006

Developed & presented business cases to Investment Committee to secure BT’s position in Fixed Mobile Convergence ( inc Commercial/Legal, T&C’s, distance selling regulations, tariffs, Interconnect).  Negotiated Service Level Agreements.  Set & monitored KPI’s. 


Strategy Development Manager

(Global ICT)

UK HQ (worldwide missions)

Vodafone (private sector global ICT operator)

October 2003 – October 2004

Led Vodafone’s Technology Unit to research, write, present & secure authority for Vodafone’s 1st 10 year “Technology Strategy Plan”. 

Configuration of Vodafone IP networks for using MPLS – worldwide.

Sealed international legal contracts & implemented operational systems strategy (2.5G, 3G, Edge), GSM-R feasibility, (Railway Services Interconnectivity), MPLS. 

Advisory to network simplification & rural coverage on implementation & operation.

Assessed opportunities for VF in the Wholesale, MVNO & Fixed/Mobile spaces, led negotiations, negotiated with Global CEO’s & CTOs in the Telecoms space. 

VF’s operational lead negotiator on the “Diamond” core bid team.  Result: BT/Vodafone Partnership, announced 18 May 2004.   Directed team to respond to full Operational & Services elements of BT/Vodafone MVNO.  Negotiated & designed Service Level Agreements, KPI’s BT/Vodafone and integrated billing systems. 

Launched Evolution & Roadmap Business Unit, 1 Nov 2003.  Led team to deliver operational service plans.  Responsible for KPI’s, monitoring and evaluation.

Co-ordinated work with other engineering divisions, external stakeholders & bid teams to develop (& support) the operational design & implementation of business cases for both internal customers (BRS) & external tenders (ITTs), including establishing a presence in Egypt, Oman and South Africa.

Directed team to deliver & implement service impact studies and communication plans for the introduction of new services, capabilities and forecast changes. 

Vodafone – Operations & Market Development

“What immediately impressed me about Teresa was her incredible breadth of knowledge & expertise - competition law, business management, programme management, people management etc. - she was able to clearly articulate the key high level challenges facing the industry yet she retained the capability to question & challenge even the most complex technical issues… - I believe she is an extremely talented individual, certainly one of the best senior managers I have had the privilege to know, albeit for a relatively short period, in my entire 17+ years at Vodafone. She is enthusiastic, strong at lobbying and influencing, never one to miss an opportunity to get her views heard and understood.”

Dr. Barry Skuse, Head of Systems & Capability Planning, Vodafone UK Ltd.


International Vice President & Worldwide General Manager, Unisys  2000-2001 (Worldwide)


Consultant Insight Consulting (1996-2001)

USA HQ (Worldwide missions, including Asia – China, Malaysia, Thailand; Europe; Americas; Middle East.

Unisys (a private sector global IT provider) – Insight Consulting (1996 – 2001) – Unisys (Sept 2000- Feb 2001)

1996 – Feb 2001

Led an international team of Regional and Country CEO’s.

Budget: $1, 250 million.  Line management: 6,250 staff.

Responsible for international divisions for new services.  Directed commercial & legal projects across IP services, high speed video on demand, interactive TV & cable; DSL; MSO’s & enterprises, e.g. health, hospitality; wired &wireless internet broadcast; VAS service integration; 3G, 4G, WAP, UMTS; convergent video; streaming media; broadcast satellite connectivity; MPEG; backbone broadband.·

Directed IT & corporate governance projects to set in place 3G & broadband services.· Led commercial negotiations in defence technology, e.g., remote server applications.

1999-2001 Sealed major international deals in global markets.· Content & Audiovisual services & international negotiations: development of Unisys VOD & ITV platform.  Est Partnerships e.g. with set top box developer Scientific Atlanta Inc. (2000).  Telefónica de España - worked with Terra Networks to integrate broadband services content into a demonstrator project (Imagenio).  BBTV trials in Barcelona, Madrid and Alicante with Telefónica Cables and Movistar delivering integrated VoIP &VOD, ITV, DSL access.  Reviewed future wifi ADSL zone cards & ITV portal (2000-01).  Delivered programmes for e-& t-commerce, WAP portal developments, 3rd party settlement in the domain of m(obile)-commerce incorp.  Prepaid & post paid banking and distance selling regulations.·

1996 – 2000: Developed, presented & obtained authorisation for global customer services plan (strategy & operational implementation) - Unisys Communications Group (Board and Executive Committee commitment secured). 

Continued to advise on implementation including SLAs & KPIs.

Represented Unisys in international forums, e.g., ICT summits, IEEE & Broadband Wagon.

Unisys – New Market Development

“From 1999 to October 2000 Insight performed a variety of engagements for Unisys Global Communications covering the analysis, strategy and business planning to address significant industry opportunities in the communications market… My experience with Ms. Thorp indicated that she was a bright, strategic thinker, with good insights into the communications industry and excellent communications skills to turn her strategic thoughts into actions. I strongly recommend her based on the outstanding work she performed for me in global markets at Unisys.”

Darrell Jennings, CEO, Valaran Corporation, July 2004


Head of Global Programmes (Worldwide), BT



UK HQ (Multilateral Trade 50% / Bilateral Trade  with Residence Japan 50%)

BT (a private sector global ICT provider).

Sept 1998 - Dec 1999

Set up & directed the global programmes team to serve BT’s largest multinational accounts working on multi-million dollar commercial deals in: Automotive (Ford, GM, Toyota), Complex industries (Pilkington’s, British Aerospace), traders (Mitsui, Mitsubishi), Distribution and other conglomerates (GE).· Responsible for international legal contracts in: telecoms, industry, finance & trading. 

Account base: min £1 million in sales.  Global matrix management structure.  Staff: 5 “director” reports.  Unit’s scale larger than Telecom NZ.

Structured commercial sales for BT and its business clients, inc. EU companies, in Japan and China.

Led cross-functional teams to co-ordinate all internal and external supplier relationships, commercial requirements and service level agreements; e.g., determined clients worldwide ICT requirements with Account Manager; established a programme of implementation and delivery by sourcing products and services from BT Labs, Systems Integrators, Mobile, 3G Licensing, Internet Providers, and Concert (a BT product house); packaged & delivered products/services to client; monitored customer satisfaction.


Technician - Engineer - Marketing -

Economist - Policy Analyst/ Corporate Strategic Advisor, Telecom New Zealand

New Zealand (with short term assignments in South Pacific Basin/Asia)

Engineers Office New Zealand Post Office – Telecom South - Telecom Corporation of New Zealand Ltd (public - private sector posts due to privatisation process).

October 1985 - June 1996 (11 years)

Corporate Strategic Advisor, June 94 - June 1996 (Reports to Board & Executive Committee)

Private Sector: International corporate law, trade & regulation:

Developed a global technology and market strategy to maximize shareholder value.  
Co-ordinated “On-Line Services strategy”. Result: On-Line Business “Xtra” launched 1995.

Defined development strategy & market propositions for Fixed Mobile Convergence, inc, converged tariff plans, integrated content clients on mobile from Xtra, valuation models, and legislative framework for trade in converged IT and audio-visual services.

Fully responsible for Telecom’s wired/wireless & converged residential strategy & assoc. global contracts.

Telecommunication markets analysis and market development in South Pacific island countries.

Developed strategies & ventures for Australian business initiatives in Communications, Information & Financial Services.  Negotiated JV’s & Acquisitions; developed a preliminary valuation model of one offshore interest; presented issues & proposals to Exec teams & foreign boards. 

Analysed & prepared submissions on Public Policy & Decision Making.  Established and maintained relationships with political advisors, lobbyists, govn officials and shareholders.

Drafted & defended inputs to legal submissions on Competition Law:

Clear Comms vs Telecom Corp. of NZ. (1994), Privy Council, UK.  Clear v. Telecom (1993), 4 N.Z.B.L.C. 103, 340 (C.A.), NZ.

Analysed December 1993 Court of Appeal Judgment on Local Telephone Service Interconnection.  Assisted with the framework of Telecom NZ’s expert testimony on revision (appeal) to Privy Council (UK). 

Strategic Advisor on negotiated settlement leading to the 03/1996 Interconnection Agreement with Clear. 

NB: the Privy Council’s Judicial Committee was the court of final appeal for New Zealand.

Operations Management:

Telecom Corp. New Zealand Ltd. - Product Manager Smartphone – Portfolio Manager Residential, November 1992 - June 1994

Managed a small team of 20 product managers.  Responsible for portfolio management of ‘Value Added’ services, inc. credit mgmt.  Managed NZ$1 million budget.  Created & launched successful ‘SPOT’ icon, which became an umbrella brand for Telecom NZ.  Result:  117% market growth 94/95, 53.2% mkt growth 93/94 (whereas 15-16% growth in preceding 8 yrs and with an equivalent budget). 

Telecom South, Regional Operating Company, Christchurch, New Zealand - Marketing Manager Conferencing (responsibilities for audio, data, & video), Nov 1989 - Jan 1991.

Nation wide responsibility.  Result: Launched 1st videoconferencing services using PictureTel technology from the USA.  Contract negotiation with US partners.

ICT Engineering:

New Zealand Post Office, Greymouth, Westland (West Coast), New Zealand - Telecommunications Technician - Engineering Cadet – Engineer, Oct 1985 - Nov 1989

Specialisation: rural transmission maintenance & installation, foreign exchange (Westland and Southern Alps).